Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour

I have been posting a few times with environment awareness this year. Today evening 8:30PM local time is a call for a world-wide symbolic event about earth consciousness where people involved turn off all unessential lighting for an hour. A similar type of event happens more on a regular basis (third Sunday of every month) for world peace through their meditative perspectives.

Without getting too much into what's essential and what's not to pick on this event just think about adding "earth factor" in your life in general. See people always make decisions by using many variables like money, subjective satisfaction, long-term (conceivable) benefit, short-term reliefs etc. Just add one more to that list. It's not that hard actually. For e.g. limit hot water usage, don't use straws, lids when you are not drinking while moving, check the size of napkins before using them (tear them into two if they are too big, for reuse), volunteer at your house by separating trash from recyclable stuff (win at home before winning outside) etc. etc. Your brain becomes a bit sharper too!

I had started liking actor Edward Norton since his performance in Illusionist (actually knew about him since only then :) Recently I saw him on Larry King live where I learnt he is an activist for earth consciousness related stuff. My admiration of him grew very much. When he said he does not own a car and drives only hybrids when he rents one, I was totally flat and actually felt proud because I have been successful so far in not buying a car even when some of my friends suggested me to buy one in since I have a "job" and the car market's kind of favorable for buying!

Stand as an example in your local neighborhoods of influence and slowly it can become global process. One thing I learnt that helps is not to preach. Just do it if you believe in it. Time will select those who pass the tests anyways.

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