Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tales off of tension

I came accross on the web something like this: Humans by definition have "spirit" and "body" and there is constant "tension" between the two parts. I think these tensions are the main cause for all the history of the humans. This tension is probably the hidden variable manifesting itself in the form of complex tales of human life. A "good" amount of tension is needed to hold the structure (otherwise there would be no history). If there are surges we see breaks in the structure. In fact how well the tension is balanced influences how stable the system is. According to Robin Hanson as mentioned in Scott's post academia is the least of the broken systems.

I think the reason that it's least broken is that this business is most exclusively handled by powerful elite and they usually tend to inherit "being more moral" spirit along with "being elite" genes and hence the breaks caused by fraudulent tensions are not a serious problem at all for this enterprise. There are those little breaks in the system because there are surges in tension between worrying about deductions and struggle to understand the assumptions.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sprechen C MATLAB

Sprechen Sie MATLAB? This was on an ad-poster by Mathworks that I saw posted on Longin Jan Latecki's office door. No literate can deny how much Computer Science has influenced thinking styles and the pace of research in human quest for knowledge (genomics, bioinformatics, software simulations etc.). MATLAB is one product that has such outstanding influence on many many applied scientific areas (I call applied because I am not sure if MATLAB has led to any purely theoretical insights. By theoretical insights I mean ability to see non-trivial proofs.)

I have used MATLAB for several of my projects. MATLAB is an interpreted language and is known to be slower for 'C-style' programs. But in many cases you need to write blocks of code in 'C-style'. Since MATLAB allows you to interface with C-programs it's worth to know how to write C-programs that you can call in MATLAB without using files as communication (using files again slows down things doesn't it?)

In learning any thing new just don't let "But what if" trouble bother you that much. What if I want to pass pointers, what if I want to pass cell arrays, what if I want to return more than one variable from C etc. Well, you can do all these things but don't worry about all those at once before even getting started, deal one thing at a time. I borrowed this But what if idea from Scott's post about such problem in theoretical perspective which is much more serious! Now let's C how to start building the interface.

The key problem in building any interface is passing around parameters without confusion. The basic anatomy of a typical C-MATLAB file can be seen here. I have simple and clear demonstrations for passing scalars, arrays and structures. The README shows how to use the demos. I recently fixed a memory leak in "kdnn" function of Kd-tree software package for MATLAB written in C by Guy Shecther. You can download the "kdnn" function from here after downloading the original package. kdnn finds k nearest neighbors for a given d dimensional point.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Health: New challenges

After you push your health conscience to be at subsconscious level, what's next? You know we always need some thing in conscious mind to keep us busy. Infact the central assumption for the entire progress of mankind is that we consciously keep focusing on something new. Well let's stay focused on what's new to focus on, in the journey towards better health. Here are two reeaal challenging tasks you might want to focus on.

  • Rock hard abs absolutely rock and are hard:
    In my opinion both huge and tiny people are trying to do the same end thing (it's just their pathways are different). Both of them try to look proportional and look the best they can. Initially when they start working out the sizes of the dresses are good inidicators for their progress. But after they start looking fine in dresses some start being content. But the naked truth is that they should aim for looking good naked. What are the challenges you have to face? The main challenge is toning muscles and especially the hardest part is toning abdominal muscles and even harder is to handle the lower abs. The main thing ofcourse is to get rid of the fat and build core muscles so that the abs look firm and in shape. My point is not to give advice on how to get that done as you can find lot of information thanks to Google and those who put the information up (Sample link that my friend and health guru Reagan gave me). My main point is to wake up those who are content just because they think they look good enough now when dressed.
  • Look good underskin:
    Now what about those who already look good naked. Here's a pill that will wake them up too:) If you have fabulous abs and defined chest, biceps etc. you might still not look your best if you have troubles inside. Make sure you look sharp by solving puzzles and keeping your brain warm. Take time to meditate so you can give a peaceful presence whereever you are. Do YOGA type exercises to keep your deep-internal glands work properly. What I mean for e.g. is, you can keep your heart pump blood well by cardio-workouts but what can you do for pancreas and thyroid glands work properly. YOGA has some workouts for such subtle benefits which are very notorious for not motivating people until they get hit.

These two are new challenges that you have to focus on for progress in your journey.
Link to previous health post.