Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Inspiration, motivation and implementation

What does it take to work continuosly and be productive? Why is it hard not to get lost in unnecessary and useless activities? This might be because of inability to find inspiration. Inspiration triggers planning. Motivation is something that is completely situational sensitive and most necessary step for implementation. Each of the three phases are required for achievements or success. Implementation being the easiest and lowest level of effort hierarchy.

First let's see how to hone ability to be inspired. Be aware that you are human being and part of a big community which is highly interdependent. The work you do for community is credited and rewarded and the better you use your energy for the work the better are the rewards. Bottom line is be rational. Read and learn about great people to find inspiration. It takes time and lot of effort to be inspired.

Motivation is situational and hence we must be careful that we make proper choices to be in right situations whenever we can. Try to see situations with positive outlook and don't look at the world as completely adversarial. If you feel you are in a bad situation then realize early that the adversarial flavors of situations are only to train you to face tougher situations more effectively. After watching a very well done movie BLACK I feel that we must be very fortunate to be normal.

Once inspired and motivated implementation should be ruthless and is relatively not hard. But it is very easy to screw it up if one becomes unduely complacent.

I started this post on May 9, 06 but finished on May 11, 06 after watching BLACK.

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