Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Health: Faring well on the plateau exam

Once you start your journey towards betterment you are tested by Nature for your patience, balance and dedication as those tests are needed to judge if you are really worth the end result.

So don't feel bad if you are experiencing plateau regions in your progress. Infact it's time to put in more effort to pass the test since it's exam time! Here are tips on how to do well:
  • Realize that it be a surprise test! For some people this might come early for some later.
  • Since it's a surprise test regularly check if you are on a plateau. Use proper ways like measuring waist line, measuring weight only in a reasonably periodical way, being realistic (by getting statistics from various expert sources) in expectations etc.
  • On the plateau:
    • Increase workout for atleast by 30 mins to your regular time.
    • Add more enduring exercises (like fat-burn or more repetitions) at the cost of perhaps reducing some impacting (like high-range cardio or heavy weights) ones.
    • Cut down on the weekly cheating from once a week to once in two or even three weeks depending on how long is the exam. You will know when the exam is over. Because instant result (like in GRE).
    • Unlike in some exams shortcuts don't work:) Think of it as a defence work where you are tested for real accumulated worth instead of your ability to be worthy. This is not an entrance exam it's like a midterm or even final (I don't know yet:))
    • Don't look at others' progress or strategies too much. Why? Because their question paper could be different and you would be wasting your energies for negative results.
    • This is an untimed exam. You won't be forced to finish. If you quit in between luckily no loss except for the benefit of opportunity cost. You would atleast be where you are. But this is not a great thing to do.
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