Sunday, August 27, 2006

Health: Dodging injuries

One of the most important preparations you have to make for a journey is to make sure you avoid bad sideaffects, injuries etc. In this post I try to give some tips on dodging injuries on your journey towards better health.

  • Workout has its own costs. It not only requires tremendous amount of dedication but also has ethics to be followed - the ethics to be responsible for your body. Just because you are dedicated and going to gym everyday you cannot do whatever you want to at the gym.

  • Make sure you have sufficient knowledge of what you are doing with weights or cardio machines. READ instructions, ask the personal trainers, ask the experienced people, read from magazines.
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  • Don't be adhoc in the type of exercises you do. Make sure you concentrate on all regions of your body - roughly speaking upper, middle and lower body.
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  • Give sufficient time for the body to recover after exerting it.

  • Make sure you strecth different muscles for relaxation after working them out.

  • Have plenty of water around you and drink before even you feel thirsty. Believe me dehyrdrating experience could be really nasty.

  • Take special care of your joints, especially knee joints.

  • Injuries can be checked using RICE.

  • When lifting heavy weights make sure you have someone monitoring you. Minor mistakes here could result in fatal or lifelong injuries.

  • Based on my friend, Reagan's advice, a good heuristic for judging a right weight for you is that you should be able to do atleast 4 reps and atmost 8 reps.

  • Generally speaking there has to be balance between using your body and being responsible for your body.

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