Thursday, April 26, 2007

Streaks of thought: Streak 7

Based on several incidents like reading this and brain storming with other researchers trying to piggy back on results from theoreticians, statisticians and mathematicians I had the following streak:

Do not get held back just because you don't understand a result intuitively. Definitely continue to look at it closely until your intuition levels evolve to the required standard but not at the cost of not-using the result. Math has been much more powerful reasoning tool than intuition since intuition evolves much slower than objective reasoning. Another famous saying that goes along with this streak is "One century's wisdom is common sense of the next."

Updated: April 26, 2007. 9:54 PM


Unknown said...

"One century's wisdom is common sense of the next."

This reminds me of a childhood fable about importance of practice, "A kid concentrates hard when tying his shoe laces for the first few times, slowly it becomes a habit and doesn't need to use his thought". :)

Unknown said...

Yes Ravi. That is analogous anecdote. The quote is just at a higher abstraction and generic.

This post of mine mentions about controlling the habit in the context of health.