Saturday, June 27, 2009

Can traveling be revealing?

My life for the past few months has involved lot of traveling. I heard on TV sometime that traveling to places can be "revealing" and that you get time to introspect your life and find what's most dear to you etc. Well it seems to hold true best when traveling to new and unfamiliar places can give stimulate the urge of introspection. If it's more about traveling to known places and meeting already known people it becomes more of nostalgic and less of revealing.

The most revealing place was watching variety of animals (many for the first time) in the Madison zoo! Different animals were doing different things in their containments. It was amazing to see chimps giving facial expressions ridiculously close to ours and then cute rodent family animals. By watching other animals we realize our most basic assumptions of what we do in our lives rely on simply that "we just evolved to create". Creationism seems to have helped our species much more than anything else in terms of dominating the planet. We create stuff ranging from materialistic things (like food, tools) to objective abstract concepts (like math, science) to subject abstract concepts (religion, spirituality, love). In my opinion "discovery" is only a by-product of our basic creationism. We get bored and loose purpose in life if we don't feel we are creating something. To me it precedes even peace!

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