Friday, July 17, 2009

Reasoning reason

We all crave to know reasons to different levels. The pathway to peace is having control over that craving as well. We need to have a balance (as always) between

1) actually discovering reasons that can be "objectively communicated" for better lives and
2) bettering our lives by knowing the limits of objective communication and letting go.

The level of detail of reasoning we would be aware of is influenced by the amount of survival stake in knowing the level. The more we grow in number (population) the more detailed of a level we would need. Also there are many equivalences among different types of reasoning like for e.g. there are many "equivalence" theorems and laws in our knowledge base. This is another reason you should reason yourself not to reason every thing in your life.

Reasoning with people in relationships is pretty hard mainly because of assumption-mismatches. There are two ways out:

1) Either try to control the craving to reason everything or
2) Try to have relationships with people from different cultures where you can comfort yourself because assumption-mismatches can be justified to be more valid easily!

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