Monday, May 08, 2006

Learning from losing

Recently there have been posts about rejection on Luca's and Lance's blog and an extraordinary comment by Oded. I was really impressed by the insight brought out by Oded.

His insight actually teaches a lesson of how to learn better from any kind of failure. We must strive for clear and real understanding of the situation and that gives us energy to courageously face it and cope up with it instead of letting it take us over. Many people think this kind of analysis is losers' attitude and to be practical we don't need any such waste of time. It is true that such an analysis is usually triggered when one is in loser's state but such effort of getting out of that state is infact one of the greatest applications of human mind. Infact such an analysis is actually a precursor to start being practical. Some people don't need these precursors but there's nothing bad about needing it. Afterall nobody is completely powerful. The absolute greatness is in ability to survive through odds. Ofcourse it's irrational to consciously choose to be in odds unnecessarily.

There is a thin line between learning from failures and justifying failures. We must be careful with that. We learn the difference as we mature.

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relationship said...

shouldnt it be learning from losing instead of loosing..sorry if i was mean to correct a small error..but felt like...

good one.!

Nagesh Adluru said...

Yes thanks for the correction. I changed it:)

Nagesh Adluru said...

And no you were not mean:)