Friday, November 16, 2007

Means and ends

About a year ago I had a post on balance motivated by self-characterization using souls and bodies. As one grows older one masters that part but new challenges come up like dealing with balance among other souls and bodies since our progress is defined inherently based on efficient interdependence. Typically the differences among souls part is very less and very trivial to handle except for the fact of bodies interfering which actually makes the whole life non-trivial and interesting (assuming there's no trivial impossibility either).

One essential difference between bodies is the gender. Like struggle between soul and body demands for balance, struggle between the gender characteristics also calls for balance. As I discussed in my earlier post we need awareness of the characteristics to realize the balance in a pure capitalistic way. The reason I like capitalism is it builds on simple premises but complicated (non-trivial) and creative proving abilities while communism builds on complex premises and simple proving abilities.

The main characteristic difference between females and males is that estrone drives the means while testosterone drives the ends. Now which is important, means or ends? Every kid probably grows up listening to the anecdote of "the wood-cutter sharpening his saw for better productivity". Without means we cannot get to ends and without ends there's no point in having means. So both have equal importance in a cycle of progress.

Once Richard Beigel told me "A good theorist does not focus on too many problems at one time." Divide and conquer is a very good strategy. Evolution also took this strategy in dividing the fuel that can focus on two equally important issues for progress and hence we have the two genders and in any divide and conquer a very important part is to put the conquered parts together and that's why both females and males have estrone and testosterone to allow for some level of empathy that can lead to actual full results.

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