Monday, February 06, 2006

Logic for life

Logic is a reasoning technique. It is very useful to be applied for reality or build potential for reality. Assuming that reality has correlation with our experience in this world, emotions are also REAL. In the never ending battle between emotions and logic in gaining control over human judgemental ability, one should not let either win but let the battle (activity) keep going so that we experience progress.

We all know there is no absolutely complete system from Godel's incompleteness theorem. Logic needs axioms, learning needs biases. We should try using logic to learn proper biases in using emotions effectively and use emotions to learn appropriate axioms for logic to build useful SYSTEMS that can penalize any extremities. History shows the first direction is harder than the second. People tend to do and assimilate things that they are comfortable with. The second direction seems pretty saturated. While there is lot of work to be done in the first direction. Most of powerful axioms like axiom of choice, axioms of equality etc. have already been found and assimilated. People gained justified power by working in the second direction. What I imagine is that there could be lot's of potential for better living if some effort is put in the first direction. Spiritual organizations etc. seem to be working in that direction. There have been such organizations that are very successfull but very few.

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