Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rationality and class system

The world is inherently (atleast since we cannot understand infinite) is finite. So we have to be rational in this world to be happy and peaceful. That is we need reasoning. The hard part is not coming up with reasons but implementing them. Example is class system in society. This was initially built for effectiveness in human cooperative actions. The not so good thing is that most people have a wrong perspective of this system. The truth is that it is not hierarchical in the sense of superiority it is just modular and hence might be hierarchical in the sense of engineering.

The second-order system (or the governing system) that manages the society should be able to grant sufficient freedom and open-up paths for sliding through different modules (classes) in the society and it should have necessary constraints (usually revealed as deterministic parts of outcomes of efforts) so as to avoid thrashing (as in OS) and increase through-put of every human.

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