Sunday, February 12, 2006

Risk in life

In my previous post I talked about people taking risks. Rational people try to do activities that keep them involved and busy. If survival is not an issue then the most promising thing that can keep them so is taking risks. That's exactly why many rich (either in thoughts or resources) people like to take risks and time has been convincing us that taking risk is essential for growth. I went on hiking for my first time in my life yesterday even when the weather forecast said it would snow badly. I would have never imagined doing such a thing before adjusting myself to lifestyle in US. Ofcourse the activity itself is not at all important but what I think is that activities like having risky hobbies (eg. sky diving) and having passion to realize hidden potentials have similar kind of base thinking and such style must either be built into the society or be learnt for experiencing the higher purpose of life, ofcourse if one cares about it. This whole post might turn out to be trivial to many, who might not have had background similar to mine, but not to all.

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